Sunday, 3 May 2009

i smell of fake tan...ew.

is there any fake tan that DOESN'T smell like you've been shat on a fair few times?
jesus...and it's so sticky and makes any piece of clothing you wear AFTER the application of it smell equally as bad!
horrific times

i'm definitely very happy at the moment
not even sure why, haha. actually that's such a lie, i know exactly why i'm happy ha

i definitely have a week off work
i'm going to center parcs this friday...aaaand i kinda have a week off uni as well.
and i feel so much more at ease with everything.. :) sooner or later though, i won't have anything to sing about...if you get what i mean? maybe? no? ok

i've been exercising like a mother fucker recently
been running everyday AS WELL AS pumping it up with gay Gareth Walker! we're loving it
i want to get toned and lose a LOT of fat off these hips of mine. that's the plan anyway
but i won't be getting ANYWHERE with this plan if i keep fucking finding chocolate dotted round my house! horrific times

not much else to say really...
oh shit! apart from the fact that i am actually physically RECORDING MY SONGS this thursday!
let's all get a little excited

lateeeer :) x


  1. Recording your songs?
    What an accomplishment.
    Congrats. (:

  2. je love the song short straw! keep up the good work!

  3. come on, buy new camera! i just wanna listen to another new song. u make me laugh when i sad (i'm sad... 20/7). do it for me Kate! hahaha probably u fuck it omg i'm pitiful... ; <