Sunday, 12 July 2009

my, oh actual physical my

what a palava my life has become!

that is a definite lie

infact, my life is the least palava-like life you'll ever come across.
basically, it's the summer now (although any sign of sun is britain MUST be snapped away from us within an inch of our lives),
and i have about 44985 weeks off to do...well, not much
i worked full time last week (it definitely wasn't full time but anything more than 2 hours a week is horrendous in my eyes and should be against the law), and now that's over...i look forward to a few days of doing nothing. though i know, at the end of them, i'll be tearing my hair out. it's ok, i only mean the hair on my head

as some of you may or may not know, i recently broke my camera again
i don't really seem to have a great deal of luck with these bad boys, do i?
they're in my hand one minute, and then they're in a fucking mess the next...i think it's the McGill touch y'know. once, my brother stephen came into the kitchen and went
'speaking of breaking the TV...i broke the TV'.
don't really know why i felt the need to inform you of this little memory but it does make me laugh, ha. oh and another one! on christmas, he was having a pizza for lunch instead (little veggie boy), and my sister victoria went "god, how can you eat that?" and he went "like this...*ate the pizza*"
haaaa, i can tell you now that that was THE funniest thing i have ever heard in my physical life. apart from this comedian on michael mcintyre's roadshow last night; "she looked at me like i was some horrendous pleb!"
that is just humour in a fucking can... not really sure where i'm going with that

infact i'm just not sure where i'm going with this entire blog
originally i was meant ot be informing you of lifely events and important things such as songs and CDs and websites and what not, but that all just seems trivial and irrelevant now...

suppose i had better inform you anyway
i'll do it the quick, easy and painless way:
songs: new one. next few days. "little boat"
CDs: as soon as i meet with the guy, i should hold a little CD in hand with 3 of my songs on...yep, 3. I KNOW!! LET'S GET EXCITED! /sarcasm
websites: i want to delete mine, but i just have NO FUCKING idea, can someone help me with this life i'm finding horrificly hard to live?

i actually never want to read what i've just typed...i think i'd go a little in the head. like...that's actually stuff that's coming out of my fingers straight from the brain. that just definitely shows the intelligence that does not exist

right that's enough, this is going too far... can't handle much more hah
i'm honestly relatively normal y'know...just not when my fingers touch laptop keys. just piano ones

enough from katelyn McGill
over and out! good foos song, eh?


  1. How in earth do you break a TV? LOL I've seen some of your videos in youtube, and I have to say you are just AMAZING congratulations on having a beautiful voice!! It'd be amazing if you could go into my blog sometime ( I'm a writer :)

  2. I'm your fans haha
    yes , I knew you in youtube too
    your voice is very very beautiful~~
    and you are lovely ^^
    I'm from Taiwan.

    expectiing your new cover ^^