Thursday, 16 April 2009

i'm not gonna give it up...

so, as you're probably quite aware, i'm clearly very obsessed with miss Kina Grannis at the moment.
in fact, as i type, i'm listening to the Goldfish Song
i can't fucking get the "i'm not gonna give it up" bit out of my head. seriously
i'm starting to greet people like that

yeah i'm not doing that at all

it's the "easter holiday" at the moment, which means 3 weeks off to be bored out of my absolute head for days after days
what have i done with my time? productively? zero. and i can guarantee that my 83485394 word portfolio that i have to do by the 27th...won't be done 'til at LEAST the evening of the 26th. bad times

fortunately, i'm happy
so despite the portfolio life that i must live...all is grand.
a littlenostalgia last night...which was nice to be honest. at the time, i got sad...but now i'm all "aww...nice nossy". that's my abbreviation for nostalgia btw

i abbreviate EVERYTHING, it's obscene
i'm gonna write a book, "How To Kate McGill"
are you loving that or what?

hope all's well with...whoever the hell is reading this absolute nonsense

alllll my love, katelyn mcgeeee

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  1. I'm gonna totes by "How To Abbrieve...". Abbrieving is fun!