Friday, 12 December 2008

the first of many...maybe.

so it's a friday evening, and i was meant to be at a surprise 21st
i was meant to be social; a good friend; a drunken state..

but nah
figured it was more important to stay in, eat cookie dough (ben and jerry's all the way) ice cream and watch films that inclue johnny depp and keira knightly

it's a working weekend this weekend
meaning i'm un uni 10-5 tomorrow and sunday
and d'ya know what? i'm well up for it. we have a brilliant piece SO FAR and we need to progress that mother fucker
and we will. we really will
the performance is on monday evening and i'm neeeeeeervous but excited

ahaa, look at me going on like you care! ;)

next week is the laast week of uni before christmas, and i am just not excited in any way, shape or form
not sure why. maybe it's because it's the first christmas that it'll be just my immediate family? maybe because i know what to expect? maybe really is just like any other day? maybe
fuck me, i sound like my dad! ha...baaad plan. i'll be bald before you know it

the humour in me is evidently running dry this evening, so i'll let you go
ha...don't you hate it when people say that? it's just a "considerate" way of saying, i don't want to talk to you anymore
the fuckers are trying to make US feel bad for THEM wanting to go

what am i on!

toodle pip!
xX X X

thought of the day: come on, kate! it won't be like this forever


  1. i just wanted to comment that you have an amazzzing voice. i esp like your 'what you do to me' song and your paramore covers! =]

  2. oooh, hello! i can't comment your videos, but you are reeeeaaaally good *-* i can't stop listening your voice <3